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Nigeria Tourist Visa

Visa to Nigeria is always multiple-entry. Select the speed of your visa processing below:

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    • EntryMultiple
    • ValidityUp to 2 Yrs.
    • Days Stay90
    • Consular Fee $265
    • Service Fee $179
  • Urgent



    • EntryMultiple
    • ValidityUp to 2 Yrs.
    • Days Stay90
    • Consular Fee $265
    • Service Fee $249
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Nigeria Tourist Visa Requirements

NOTE: Nigerian Visa Eligibility

At this time, we are accepting Nigerian visa request for those qualified:

  • You're under 5 years old or 65 years and older, OR
  • You've received a biometric Nigerian visa in the last 6 years and re-applying with the same passport containing said visa.

We recommend emailing a copy of your most recent Nigerian visa to for a review before placing your order.

NOTE: Former Nigerian Citizen

Former citizens of Nigeria doesn't need to provide hotel reservation, letter of invitation, nor a bank statement.

Nigeria Visa Application

Complete and print the Nigeria visa questionnaire.
Please include the completed questionnaire along with the visa requirements below.

Original Passport

Your physical passport must maintain validity for a minimum of 6-months beyond your departure date.
Please note that the amendment pages located at the back of your passport are not visa pages and are not acceptable for visa issuance.
If you've run out of visa pages, please renew your passport before applying for a visa.

Two (2) Passport Photograph

Please provide two (2) recent passport photographs captured in the last six months, printed on photo paper.
For your convenience, you'll have the option to upload a digital photo* (additional fee applies).
*Face the camera directly without objects behind you and do not wear eyeglasses, headphones, or earbuds (click for sample).

Hotel Confirmation or Invitation Letter

Please provide either a hotel reservation confirmation or an invitation letter from your host.
If you choose the invitation letter option, please include a copy of your host's passport or national ID.

Bank Statement

Provide your most recent bank statement, showing sufficient funds for the trip.
You may white-out the sensitive information from the statement.

Flight Itinerary

A copy of an airline confirmation, showing your name as well as entry and exit to the country.
If traveling via land/sea border, please provide a signed letter of explanation, in addition to the airline confirmation.

Minors - Under 18

Applicant under the age of 18 must submit:

  1. A copy of the minor's birth certificate,
  2. A signed statement from both parents, specifying the purpose and duration of the visit,
  3. A copy of both parents' passport, driver's license, or ID.

Additionally, an extra consent letter from the parent(s) is needed if the child or children are traveling alone or with a guardian.

Proof of U.S. Status

Non-U.S. applicants are required to submit a photocopy of their Permanent Resident Card (front and back), a valid U.S. visa, I-94, or I-20.